Hi, I am Taisley.

Nice to meetcha!

Writing an “about me” page gives me rosy cheeks, but since we will be spending a lot of quality time together there are a few things you should know about me besides the obvious.... I love LOVE love meeting new people! I am honored to have met so many incredible humans. Thank you for your trust and friendship.

When I'm not taking pictures of your loved ones... I am taking pictures of mine. My sweet better half and I have been married 17 years, and we have 4 beautiful kiddos :)

This 4'11'' southern girl at heart loves crab legs, a good read, lightning bugs, cotton fields, vintage design, midnight snacks, sleeping in, red lipstick and I think the heated blanket is pretty much the best invention of all time.

In my "free time" you will find me watching The Amazing Race or knee deep in a DIY project that I just decided to do 2 minutes ago. I love making old things new again. Projects,tasks, and systems are my hobbies.

I grumble at slow internet, I put off mopping my floor, and I don't understand fruitcakes...why?

Well I guess we should get technical.

I started taking pictures after taking my firstborn son to a well known portrait studio in town. I left with horribly empty feelings. I hated everything about it. The creativity was stale, the props were cheesy, the photographers were pushy and I really wanted to jump in front of that girl and just do it myself.

So I did.

I started my own gig in 2007 & I should thank my loyal circle of friends and family who have been my guinea pigs over and over and over. I have this fancy website now and my business grows every year. I am truly blessed.

I love me some good light and non-stop shutter sounds!

I shot Nikon for years and now I shoot Canon.

I get a little gitty waiting for a session to import from my camera to my computer. I thought after so many sessions it would start to rub off, but it hasn't.

I love old film tones and I strive to keep your images vibrant but authentic. I DO NOT over edit. For example: Please do not ask me to make you look like someone else. You are you- and you are pretty great!

I am based out of Peachtree City, GA and shoot for the lovely Atlanta and surrounding areas including

Peachtree City, GA

Newnan, GA

Sharpsburg, GA

Fayetteville, GA

...but really I shoot all over the world.


P.S. Please be a good person and do not steal any images off my website!

*Photo credits: Jamie Johnston, Courtney Ritchey, Jim Jansen

Now. enough about me.... I can’t wait to get to know YA’LL!



“"I couldn't have had a better wedding photographer! She's so sweet. We can't wait to see our pictures."”

—Tim & Tosha

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