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B Family {Utah Family Photographer}

Now THIS was a FALL session! Holy moly. The colors were out in full force! And so were the personalities! B family was a joy to shoot- full of fun, giggles and Mom did a STELLAR job dressing them all don’t you think!? Mmnmm. Fall.  Mom said “I am kind of an Autumn freak” well I hope you fill your walls with these- Gorgeous family! Thanks guys!

































N Family {Utah Family Photographer}

What a delight to see a family ALL together! Brought together for a wedding these cute cousins were so fun to watch reconnect. I must commend them for coordinating with this many people! Wardrobe can be a big fat pain in the …. believe me… I understand! But notice the pop of yellow, no crazy prints or distractions… This is great because it really lets you focus on the wonderful relationship connections that make up a photo 🙂 Thanks N Family!






































S Family {Utah Family Photographer American Fork Canyon}

We’ll call this the “blessed-with-blue-eyes-family” ! Aren’t they gorgeous? Such a fun shoot. Easy goin family- every pose felt so natural and fun- which gets harder when kids get older because they get “used” to smiling and posing, but not with S family! I personally think my favorite shots were the ones with just mom and dad- DARLING. Thanks you guys for a fun night out!













































































F Family {Utah Traverse Mountain Family Photographer}

Such a fun family! And such troopers. Our ears and hands were chilly -we even had 5 mins of light snow that came through during our shoot- but when it passed we all piled out of the cars and went right back at it! Teens are so fun to shoot…. and props to Mom for a perfectly coordinating wardrobe. LOVED it!