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Everything I ever needed to know to be a wedding photographer I learned from the stage. {Atlanta wedding photographer}

Everything I ever needed to know to be a wedding photographer I learned from the stage.

People often ask me if I have always wanted to be a wedding photographer and the answer is no – I did not always dream of becoming a wedding photographer. In fact I never thought once about it till I was half grown up, married, and had kiddos of my own.

When I was a youngin’ I dreamt of becoming a star. I loved music dance and theater all equally and trained for such. The opportunities were at my doorstep and you know what would be, just… the BEST? BROADWAY. That seemed like the ultimate to my young dreaming heart. I spent many hours after school at my dance studio studying every genre of dance from ballet to tap, jazz, hip-hop and more. I performed in a local studio company. I had a private vocal coach and I spent five years in various ensemble roles at a regional theater in Southern Utah. I traveled with various honor choirs and eventually taught piano voice and musical theater privately and at a studio.

And since you asked… My most favorite production I got to be apart of? Well that’s easy. It was Peter Pan my SR year at Dixie High School. I played Wendy. I got to fly. Like in a harness and all. And of course I have a picture to prove it.


My high school theater program was kind of a big deal and it was actually cool for the football team to come moonlight as pirates when they weren’t on the field. Mr Saxton was a jewel and had an absolute talent for bringing 10 million elements together for opening night. They built a brand new state of the art theater for him and Peter Pan was its debut. It was a party.peter-pan-1132


I was a decent enough performer…not sure I would have made it Broadway or not but I loooved it and it brought me so much joy.

But my dreams changed. Something to do with a handsome man I married right out of high school and as our dreams merged into 4 beautiful children my energy and aspirations turned to them. Everything about them was new and exciting and fascinating. I was trying to soak up every last detail because as I blinked that silly thing named TIME …. it skipped! I started taking pictures almost in desperation as if I could somehow make peace with these fleeting moments if I could make sure I had a picture to remind me of all the wonderful things I felt spending time with my family.

I fell in love with photography fast. I bought myself a fancy camera and I went to school and learned the art of portrait taking at trial and error Experience University. As my business and clientele grew I dabbled in it all. Newborn, fashion, product, family- you name it. I have realized that I can not possibly specialize extensively in every genre but what I really REALLY love the most… if I HAD to choose… is shooting weddings.

And shooting weddings are a lot like the theater, really.

You better believe there are butterfly’s and nervous excitement as I prep for a wedding. To calm my nerves I go over my “lines” to make sure I am prepared for the unexpected. You see, weddings are a giant AD LIB. I remember so vividly one of my acting coaches- Mr. Hill. He would give us the most horribly awkward random scenarios to which we would have to “work through” with a scene partner. I can handle ANYthing folks! and at weddings? you need that skill.

There are many many months of prepping for a show to be ready to take the stage. As is true with weddings. Like some people plan their wedding for a YEAR AND A HALF!  But when the lights dim and it’s time for that gorgeous primadonna to be escorted down the isle there is no time for re-dos. We are live. The set, the flowers, the music, the food, the wardrobe changes- It’s all been meticulously blocked out and now we have an audience. No more dress rehearsal. It’s imperative to work side by side with the techies behind the scenes because…above all and always….   the show must go on!

See what I did there?

But really. A wedding photographer has got to be  likeable but professional. Creative but classic. Energetic but calm. All things one must learn when auditioning for a role. A wedding photographer must “sell” herself because there isn’t a single photographer on the planet who will create the work she is about to create.

If I am feeling blue or sick or distracted , busy or overwhelmed at home, a wedding photographer puts all that aside to perform. And sometimes- it’s the best escape.

One must be fit. Wedding days are NOT STOP choreography for the wedding photographer. There will be many a plie-Arabesques and some rockin coupé jeté’s { I had to throw that in there because those used to be my favorite} and I am just positive that I have yet to shoot a wedding that didn’t have a series of leaps. Like literally. Jumping over people. or kiddos.. or something. I come home with swollen and sore feet… which reminds me an awful lot of those pointe shoes.

The MOST IMPORTANT PART of the show is connecting with your audience. A wedding photographer must make sure the images that are delivered are making a connection with the happy couple who views them after the show closes. This is that moment. This is where I hope that the screenplay we have written together was a hit. I have delivered successfully when there is much reminiscing with applause and even an encore.

The thing with music, dance, and theater is that when it’s done right,  it provokes emotion. It makes you sit back and think. It makes you FEEL.
Wedding photography is the same way.

I absolutely adore being a wedding photographer. I love being a part of such an important production in your life. Your wedding day. Hopefully it will be your favorite role you ever play!

Now, Let’s go break a leg!









J + J Forever and Always! {Utah Wedding Photographer}

Remember this fun couple?!

Well. They are up and hitched! Here’s the custom announcement I designed for them 🙂


Bridals: Daybreak Lake

Wedding Day: Draper Utah LDS Temple

Reception: Noah’s Reception Center

















































































C + K {Utah Wedding Photographer}

What a fun time I had getting to shoot my nieces’ wedding! C and K are a darling couple, and I wish them the best in their new life together!!

A couple of days before the BIG one we went down to the Orchards and tried to capture the essence of their “fairytale” wedding with the whimsical stone castle and walkway. It was here that C got to he his beautiful bride in her dress for the first time!





















































On the big day we got lucky with minimal precipitation, a few snow flurries and a slight breeze. The ceremony was at the beautiful Brigham City Temple.

Congrats you two!!












































N + N {Utah Wedding Photographer}

Congrats to N and N who are to be married very soon! Here is another romantic session at one of my favorite spots… {I know I say that alot} but this place doesn’t get old! There is so much variety here. Speaking of variety… This couple came prepared with 3 very different outfits to which I was so proud of them for! Never be afraid to bring extra changes… You can completely transform the look of a photo with your wardrobe.

HERE’S MY ENGAGEMENT PHOTO TIP FOR THE NIGHT…. When considering what to wear for your engagement session… think about coordinating it with your wedding colors. When you go to design your announcement the pictures with fit in alot better with your design if they fall in the same color family!

Designed by me- Taisley Weston

Names and info have been distorted with respect to my clients’ privacy.
















A + I {Utah Engagements Photographer}

This California couple is one of my latest favorites! They were laughing, blushing, smoochin’ and basically you can tell they are HOT for each other! I absolutely LOVE when I don’t have to “hint” for those intimate moments. Every shot came out so PRETTY. 🙂 CONGRATS you two!