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N Family {Utah Family Photographer}

What a delight to see a family ALL together! Brought together for a wedding these cute cousins were so fun to watch reconnect. I must commend them for coordinating with this many people! Wardrobe can be a big fat pain in the …. believe me… I understand! But notice the pop of yellow, no crazy prints or distractions… This is great because it really lets you focus on the wonderful relationship connections that make up a photo 🙂 Thanks N Family!






































D Family {Thanksgiving Point Photographer}

This family was SO much fun! Not to mention we had an entire GARDEN to play with! I love that they went with bright summer colors- As they mentioned, they always do “fall” family pictures- so sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a bit!

*This location has an additional $100 Photo pass charge*



























S Family {Utah Family Photographer}

I kind of know a little about having 3 boys. You must be spontaneous… you must not be afraid of pouring water on your head to get a laugh… and potty humor always works in getting out those sincere grins…

What fun boys you have! And how cute they played together….

K Family {Utah Family Photographer}

To our close friends A and J and little H…. These pics have brought me to tears as I have been thinking about you guys all day. I don’t understand why we have to face the challenges we do. It’s not fair. You are some of the most wonderful people that we know. You have such a beautiful family. We are so blessed to know you. May these pics bring some peace into your hearts.


G Family {Utah Family photographer}

This was such a fun family to shoot! It was finally a beautiful morning… and don’t you LOVE Heather {the mom’s} hair in the family pic? Beautiful shine with a slight breeze. LOVE it. Thanks for letting me capture your family!