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B Family {Utah Family Photographer}

Oh B Family! You are TOO cute! First of all- didn’t mom hit the nail on the head with their outfits!!?? I can hardly take all the cute ruffles and bows- Too fun! This family has got the “blue eyes” DOWN! Such fun girls with a lot of personality 🙂 And this SLC downtown location is quickly becoming my favorite hidden gem! Thanks B family!

















































































G Family {Salt Lake City Family Photographer}

Oh how I was in my element with this family!! haha 3 boys and lots of color. LOVED it. Just like my own boys, their most favorite thing to do is dress up so naturally we had to capitalize on THAT! We had a blast- and as I always try to remind parents– bring bribe treats–they will ALWAYS come in handy!  BTW I just love this location. They just dressed so great for it! It really is a diamond in the rough!































L Family {Downtown Salt Lake City Photographer}

I love this family!! It is the biggest compliment to be asked back for another year of family pics. This was SO fun. We found a little secret loading dock that had the most beautiful urban colors! I just loved it and could have shot there all day! Thanks guys!