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B Family {Utah Family Photographer}

Now THIS was a FALL session! Holy moly. The colors were out in full force! And so were the personalities! B family was a joy to shoot- full of fun, giggles and Mom did a STELLAR job dressing them all don’t you think!? Mmnmm. Fall.  Mom said “I am kind of an Autumn freak” well I hope you fill your walls with these- Gorgeous family! Thanks guys!

































S Family {Utah Family Photographer American Fork Canyon}

We’ll call this the “blessed-with-blue-eyes-family” ! Aren’t they gorgeous? Such a fun shoot. Easy goin family- every pose felt so natural and fun- which gets harder when kids get older because they get “used” to smiling and posing, but not with S family! I personally think my favorite shots were the ones with just mom and dad- DARLING. Thanks you guys for a fun night out!













































































C Family {Utah Lehi Photographer}

I sure LOVED taking C Family!! Your kids were so good 🙂 And If I ever have a girl I would hope she would be as cute and sweet as yours! 🙂




















W Family {Utah Family Photographer}

This is my husbands family. And we had a blast taking these pictures! I used a timer on our big family pic and it actually worked wonderfully! {Yes picture me having 10 seconds to run into the frame} This is what you do when you are the photographer and you don’t want to hire someone else just for that one shot. Sara helped us take OURS but those won’t be premiering until after I get my Christmas Cards out! Happy Holidays Everyone!






T Family {Utah Family Photographer}

Don’t these guys look like they just stepped out of a magazine? A Great example of where matching sweaters work 🙂 I just had so much fun posing these guys! Wonderful cooperative kids–mom and dad should be proud…. thanks you guys!