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J + J Engagements {Utah Wedding Photographer}

J and J are HUGE football fans! One problem. Their teams are rivals. lol.

This shoot was fun and different! I LOVE the bright colors and the clouds in the sky!

Congrats and Good luck you two!













































N + N {Utah Wedding Photographer}

Congrats to N and N who are to be married very soon! Here is another romantic session at one of my favorite spots… {I know I say that alot} but this place doesn’t get old! There is so much variety here. Speaking of variety… This couple came prepared with 3 very different outfits to which I was so proud of them for! Never be afraid to bring extra changes… You can completely transform the look of a photo with your wardrobe.

HERE’S MY ENGAGEMENT PHOTO TIP FOR THE NIGHT…. When considering what to wear for your engagement session… think about coordinating it with your wedding colors. When you go to design your announcement the pictures with fit in alot better with your design if they fall in the same color family!

Designed by me- Taisley Weston

Names and info have been distorted with respect to my clients’ privacy.
















A + I {Utah Engagements Photographer}

This California couple is one of my latest favorites! They were laughing, blushing, smoochin’ and basically you can tell they are HOT for each other! I absolutely LOVE when I don’t have to “hint” for those intimate moments. Every shot came out so PRETTY. 🙂 CONGRATS you two!


























Julien & FuFan {Utah Wedding Photographer}

What a wonderful pair! Julien is from France and FuFan is from Taiwan. They were so comfortable with each other in front of me- it really made for a beautiful session. Beautiful couple… beautiful weather… beautiful scenery. Best of luck with your new life together!


Paige & Gene {Utah Wedding photographer}

I had such a fun time with this couple last week! They had great chemistry… humored me with my ideas, hiked up the rocky mountain with me, and laughed off this hilarious moment when Paige got bird turded!!! Yes. She got pooped on. Gotta love the mountains!

Thanks you guys- I look forward to August.