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B Family {Utah Family Photographer}

This family was SO much fun! Mom did a stellar job with the colors – don’t you love the pop of salmon?! I was feeling quite at home getting 3 boys to smile 🙂 Thanks guys! You are such a fun family!








































R Family {Utah Lehi Photographer}

Oh! I just adore this cute family! L- your kids are such respectful, wonderful kids- you should be so proud! I love the edgy session they went with down at the tracks. Grays and blacks just look so great there!































🙂 Thanks R family !



G Family {Salt Lake City Family Photographer}

Oh how I was in my element with this family!! haha 3 boys and lots of color. LOVED it. Just like my own boys, their most favorite thing to do is dress up so naturally we had to capitalize on THAT! We had a blast- and as I always try to remind parents– bring bribe treats–they will ALWAYS come in handy!  BTW I just love this location. They just dressed so great for it! It really is a diamond in the rough!































M Family {Sandy Utah Family Photographer}

I admire so much the strength of this sweet family! I can’t begin to imagine what they have gone through this past year. I’d like to hope should I ever face similar circumstance I would be able to carry myself with half the radiance as M family has shown me is possible amidst the hardest possible of times. They really stick together and there is a visual bond between them. I just love you little M family. It was my pleasure to take these. 🙂 You are a beautiful family. We miss you around our neck of the woods!












W Family {Utah Family Photographer}

This is my husbands family. And we had a blast taking these pictures! I used a timer on our big family pic and it actually worked wonderfully! {Yes picture me having 10 seconds to run into the frame} This is what you do when you are the photographer and you don’t want to hire someone else just for that one shot. Sara helped us take OURS but those won’t be premiering until after I get my Christmas Cards out! Happy Holidays Everyone!