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“But I need to loose weight first” {Atlanta Georgia photographer}

“I really want to schedule a family session, But I need to loose weight first.”

I have run out of responses to this. And it has quickly become one of my least favorite things to talk to clients about. I get it. You figure that if you are going to go to all the trouble of coordinating outfits, pep talking dad through it, planning, scheduling, and paying a good chunk of money for this experience then by golly— you are going to look your best!

But what if your best is just you.

Sincerely and authentically you.

Right now. In whatever season of life you are in. With or without those extra pounds from baby weight or post holiday weight or just what I call “funk weight”.

I’m in a funk, and I’ve gained a little extra squish.

Find your best current self, hold your family near, and say cheese.

It is in this liberating ownership of yourself that we find the real reason we are taking pictures at all. To capture the relationships during this once in a lifetime season you are in. Your life is ever changing at a rapid pace. Photography is such a gift for us. I would die if I couldn’t look back and reminisce when my babies were so tiny.

Think about maternity sessions. Women at possibly their heaviest weight in their life so far, and we are embracing pictures of them. It’s sincere and authentic. It’s GIANT proof of the relationship between mommy and her baby as they are one. We love those BIG ROUND GIANT bellies – you know,  the ones that hold another life inside there. Amazing.

And so off with those “I’m too fat for pictures right now” statements. You wait and wait and wait and pretty soon it’s been years since you had a family photo. I’m just saying that if you were to die tomorrow – I don’t hear your kiddos saying “I can’t believe mom didn’t wait to have these taken till she shed that last 20 pounds” . They would be so thankful that they had them at all! We should be more proud of each season of life, Moms. And I am not going to leave out Dads because I have heard this same statement from them too.

I have come far from my self destructive eating disorder in middle school to understanding that people are so beautiful. Just as they are. And the MOST beautiful people are the ones who love themselves for where they are right now.

This weekend our church had a special multi-congregational conference.  The talks were all on the importance of  families. The last talk was about family history and photography. Clearly, I perked up. Our church is very advocating when it comes to preserving our family history and sharing our ancestors stories. He challenged us to share more with our children. To post our family photos to our church database- Family Search. Because I believe in God, and a pre-existence and an afterlife it made me really think. You know how you look back at family trips you have taken and the pictures are so deeply meaningful? I am convinced that we will be able to look back at our photos after we die and are resurrected. We will cherish those moments during our earthly trip. We will want to look over and reminisce of this small sliver of time where we were sent here to be tested, gain a body, a family and have JOY.

Men are that they may have joy. 2 Nephi 2:25

I’m pretty sure people still think I photoshopped this. But alas. Nope. Best basketball belly ever.

Days before delivering my 4th.



till next Tues,





Tues Talk with Taisley: Quality not Quantity {Atlanta Photographer}

Because if you haven’t, it’s a MUST.
Then you can take every suggestion from it and apply it to your picture taking regime.
It might sound weird coming from a photographer, but I am here to tell ya LESS IS MORE.
It’s about Quality and not Quantity.
Picture your kids 10, 15, 20 years from now. Culling through ALL our digital images. OH MY STARS it makes my head spin. BUT isn’t it a blessing that we can take LITERALLY take infinite amounts of pictures with little to none implications? “Space is cheap” when it comes to digital image storage right?
I’m here to tell you that your kiddos will NOT want to cull through years and years of redundant images from our cell phones/DSLR cameras etc. They will want to be able to see quality life moments. They will want to ENJOY looking at them instead of grunting.. “Come on! Get to the good stuff!”
You might argue and say that you are doing a favor letting your KIDS decide which images to keep or throw away. No, my friend. That is no favor. The way we keep our images tells a story. The very order we view them in tells a story doesn’t it? I promise they will appreciate your carefully thought out and weighed appreciation for each image you INTENTIONALLY keep. Here kids.. THIS. THIS is something I WANT you to see, feel, remember. I kept these special ones and ONLY these because they are THIS important. They won’t even miss the 15 “takes” it took to get that ONE shot.
As a photographer I totally OVERSHOOT. You betcha. But I am getting better at limiting my shutter happy pointer finger. Next time you are shooting take a second to think about if you were using film. Would you slow down the horse? Measure the composition of that shot a little better? Wait for that PERFECT second when those dimples have peaked? And if you do happen to take a whole slew of them…. then consider a “daily delete”. This is something I learned from the wonderful Becky Higgins. Every night she goes back through her iphone shots and keeps the goodies. I sure adore her. I actually met her at Creating Keepsakes University years ago.
She inspires me to be more intentional with…. well, everything in life.
And since we are going back in time for a second… I know you were wondering if I graduated. Yes, yes I did.
So ask yourself these questions the next time you want to take a picture.
Who is this picture for?
What am I going to DO with this picture?
Of the 10 I just took WHICH one makes the “social media” cut?
Why am I keeping the rest?
Which one is the most meaningful?
Why do I even want to remember this moment in the first place?
Is this a screenshot worth saving?
-Till Next Tues,