Steve Berry & Fans European Cruise Prague, Czech Republic {Travel Photography}

It’s been a few months now, and although things have NOT slowed down one bit for me I have been itching to share my once in a lifetime trip I covered last Sept!

The wonderful owners of Shalom European Travel hired me to cover their 2013 Fan Cruise in Europe hosted by the talented Author Steve Berry. What a treat for Steve’s fans to see the history, architecture and even the very restaurants that characters in his books ate at! I read the thriller The Columbus Affair before we went and it was fascinating to see the REAL LIFE settings right there before my eyes.

This spectacular river cruise began in majestic Prague, Czech Republic followed by 7 nights cruising down the Danube river with stops in Vilshofen, Passau, Salzburg, Melk, Vienna, & Bratislava and finally ending in Budapest Hungary. The AMAZING AMA WATERWAYS was nothing short of SPECTACULAR and I left craving our next trip with them. If you need an anniversary idea- here ya go.

It was 13 days of gorgeous architecture, enlightening company, and over-the-top yummy food!

We began our trip in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

So they say that Prague is “the most beautiful city in the world”. Who is “they”? I dunno, but everyone was saying that for weeks before I left so I couldn’t wait to get my lens around it! Arguably so? Yes! Oh my heavens YES! Why? What makes it the most beautiful city in the world? EVERY SQUARE INCH  is masterfully restored to it’s “best self”.  There is not a single alleyway unworthy of a picture. The colors, the DETAILS, THE ORNATE PRECISION!  It felt like everyone should be in suits and dresses with horse and buggies- but then you look around and everyone is living a modern life among such beautiful old buildings. I wanted to shout- “Hey! you! Do you notice these AMAZING buildings around you1?!? Look up!!”

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