Steve Berry European Fan Cruise Salzburg, Austria {Travel Photographer}

Ahh. Salzburg. I wanted to go back before we even left. One of those places you can’t soak up enough! Sound of Music… Mozarts birthplace. How did one city get so lucky?

From my journal entry on this day in Salzburg:

“Today was incredible. We left at 9 am on a tour bus from Linz Austria {here where we are ported} and rode 1.5 hours to Salzburg Austria. Birthplace of Mozart and also the home of The Sound of Music. Our tour guide played “The hills are alive!!” over the speaker as the Alps came into view! lol. On our way we stopped at this gorgeous little town where we got shots of the Alps behind us. When we got there we first walked by Mozarts birth house- WAY cool. Then we started out our tour in the beautiful courtyard where they filmed the DO RE ME song in Sound of Music. It was SO beautiful! Then we moved on to the Cemetery / Monastery {also the one featured in the Sound of Music movie} Which was my favorite place of our 6 days out here so far. IT IS STUNNING. And just basically something you won’t see anywhere else in the world. You can walk through the cemetery that sits against a cliff UP and INTO it! There is a church carved out of the freaking mountain. We climbed all the way up and were able to get some stunning views of the cemetery down below. There are also these gated areas {almost like zoo cages} where multiple family members can be buried together in these “rooms” . All the burial plots are RENTED. Yes, rented and if you don’t maintain it’s grounds to their standards your family member’s body will be evicted. Isn’t that CRAZY!?!? There were bodies buried in there as old as like 1300 and as new as 2011. It was FASCINATING. Steve’s new book { The Lincoln Myth} coming out May 20, 2014 is interesting. It makes connections between Abraham Lincoln and Mormons and there are quite a few scenes that take place at the Cemetery here   It was really interesting to hear Steve talk about how he spent time in SLC, Utah researching Mormons etc. After the cemetery tour I had a chance to talk with him at lunch. I asked him What out of all the research he did on Mormons was the most interesting or surprising info he came upon. I was expecting many different answers but I was surprised. He said it was the connection between Mormons and ALL of American History- how intricately they are intertwined AND that Mormonism is the ONLY religion that intertwines the constitution in our religion. He also talked about the Book of Mormon being buried under a rock for years and then being revealed to Joseph Smith and translated and how is that any less believable than when Jesus died and 3 days later awoke and arose from the tomb. He literally said “Honestly which one is harder to believe, It most certainly could have happened” During his research he went to the Library of Congress and was able to hold and read the first print Book of Mormon that Abraham Lincoln had checked out for 9 months. No President since has checked it out but him. Interesting and this is part of the thriller novel that will be coming out next year 🙂 Way cool. We had lunch at one of the most famous places to eat lunch in Salzburg- also a place where a pivotal scene in the book takes place. It was FANCY! The waiters were dressed up like German Downton Abbey characters if you can picture that!. lol. We were free to roam after lunch through Salzburg’s shop streets. We found the cutest little wool vests for the boys to wear to church. There is such a difference between Czech and Germany/Austria. In Czech MOST locals speak a decent amount of English to where we can communicate questions rather well, But here NO ONE speaks English and you really have to pantomime. 🙂 I wished we had another day here. First place I felt like I REALLY wanted to return to someday because there just wasn’t enough time to soak in all that is there! We rode our bus back to our boat an hour and a half and let me tell you what a BEAUTIFUL country Austria is!!! So wooded and GREEN. Much more mountainous than Czech and Germany.”  Europe671 Europe669 Europe676 Europe678 Europe685 Europe689 Europe691 Europe693 Europe694 Europe695 Europe699 Europe697 Europe702 Europe704 Europe718 Europe720 Europe722 Europe721 Europe725 Europe729 Europe728 Europe733 Europe734 Europe735 Europe736 Europe737 Europe738 Europe742 Europe752 Europe753 Europe759 Europe760 Europe756 Europe754 Europe757 Europe765 Europe769 Europe770 Europe771 Europe768 Europe764 Europe767 Europe789 Europe790 Europe791 Europe792 Europe796 Europe795 Europe793