St Martin du Canigou Abbaye

St Martin du Canigou Abbaye.

Again. Don’t ask me how to pronounce this lovely place. lol.

But it was one of my favorite stops!

Gorgeous and peaceful and I could have walked around it all day.

How do you get up to such a beautiful Abbaye on top of a mountain one might ask?

You just ride up the cliff.

On steep windy impossible roads.

In a jeep.

That is manual transmission.

And then you post it on Youtube.

I apologize ahead of time. Apparently my defense mechanism of choice is laughter.

And then there was Sister Claire. Who might be my favorite “character” from our entire two weeks there. And she WAS a character! A spitfire. Loved her. Steve and her had one of my most favorite moments! These two were hilarious. Here Steve is promising to send her a copy of his book. Promise!?