My sweet kiddos. {Memphis Botanic Gardens Family Photographer}

Here’s the thing. I haven’t been taking enough pics of my own kids lately and so THIS WAS IT! You guys. I can’t believe how happy I am with how these turned out considering the crazytown that was happening! As soon as we navigated clear back through the gardens Little Missy did NOT want to cooperate! I was seriously laughing inside! If you don’t think I understand how you mammas feel during a shoot, I DO! I was flustered and sweating and a little depressed because she wasn’t wanting to be held or play like she does at home! We tried everything !! And she just wanted ME. To hold her. haha. The boys were angels and I think I finally have them trained. {This does not mean we didn’t have sighs and complaints and whines as I was getting them ready.} But they are sweeties and you wouldn’t know by looking at these that we were plastered by the end. My sweet husband drove us straight to Olive Garden after. 🙂 Full tummies make everything better.



Aaaaaaand……here it is…..