A + B {Memphis TN Wedding Photographer}

This couple took me to a wonderful spot I had never shot at while I was living in Utah. The International Peace Gardens are SO cool! So much variety and color. A and B are too darn cute together. I loved hearing their proposal story! And don’t they look like they could be in a magazine?! Congrats to you two cute kids. Here’s a sneak peek till you get your DVD. xoxo Taisley   A+B EngagementsWEB6 A+B EngagementsWEB11 A+B EngagementsWEB20 A+B EngagementsWEB40 A+B EngagementsWEB50 A+B EngagementsWEB81 A+B EngagementsWEB158 A+B EngagementsWEB218 A+B EngagementsWEB244 A+B EngagementsWEB284 A+B EngagementsWEB291  A+B EngagementsWEB325 A+B EngagementsWEB332 A+B EngagementsWEB345 A+B EngagementsWEB313A+B EngagementsWEB369 A+B EngagementsWEB393 A+B EngagementsWEB424 A+B EngagementsWEB429